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Senior Executive Staff

James Rosco.jpg

Rank : Sheriff

Identity : James Rosco
Division : Sheriff'Office

Frank Hudson.jpg

Rank : Undersheriff

Identity : Frank Hernandez
Division : Sheriff'Office

Joyce Powell.jpg

Rank : Area-Commander

Identity : Joyce Powell
Division : Detective Div.

Mike Show.jpg

Rank : Area-Commander

Identity : Mike Show
Division : Special Ops Div.

Executive Staff

Dean Kells.jpg

Rank : Captain

Identity : Dean Kells
Division : Major Crimes Bur.


Rank : Captain

Identity : Bradley Taylor
Division : S.E.B

Supervisor Team

Mike Johnson.jpg

Rank : Sergeant

Identity : Mike Johnson
Division : Patrol Division

John Hawkings.jpg

Rank : Sergeant

Identity : John Hawkings
Division : Training Bureau

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